PTA Bye Laws

Parent Teacher Association Bye-Laws

  • The word ‘Parent’ includes Guardians.
  • The Association consists of the following members – Ordinary , Comprehensive , Honorary.
  • The Principal & Staff will be ex-officiao ordinary member.
  • Every Parent is entitled to become and ordinary or Comprehensive member of the PTA.
  • Ordinary members are those who pay membership fee.
  • Comprehensive members are those who pay lump sum fee for the duration of their child’s schooling.
  • Membership fees will be Rs. 35/- annually & PTA fund will be minimum Rs. 35/- per year.
  • Honorary Member may be appointed in constitation with the school management on an annual basis by the Principal, who would be great help to the Association.
  • Honorary Member has no voting rights but entitled to attend any meeting.
  • Each Parent – Ordinary / Comprehensive member of PTA shall have one vote though having two or more children in the school.
  • Working Committee may be constituted of :
    • One selected parent member for each division of every class.
    • One teacher for every division of every class.
    • President – Principal of the school
    • Vice President – One amongst parents
    • Secretary – One amongst teachers
    • Joint Secretary – One amongst teachers
    • Joint Secretary – One Parent
    • The auditor – (amongst parent member of executive committee)

The Executive Committee shall meet at least 3/4 times in a year or more often if required.

The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association.

The PTA funds should be audited and Auditor’s report be presented at the time of Annual General Body meeting.

Quorum :

The quorum of committee meeting shall be (7) seven and for other meetings twenty (20).

No quorum is necessary at the adjourned meeting which were originally postponed for lack of quorums.

If a member remains absent for meeting continuously for 3 months his /her membership will be cancelled.

Funds Utilization : (For the welfare of the school & community)

Meeting expenses like circular, refreshments etc.

Awarding prizes & scholarship to the meritorious students.

Expenses for arranging lectures of outstanding personalities.

Activities PTA :

To arrange educational films, lectures on child psychology.

Holding classes for students weak in studies, special classes in music, dancing, painting other fine arts.

To sponsor some programmes like workshops,sports etc. to students, parents or teachers.

PTA is for helping, co-operating in development & not for criticizing the school.