School Examinations

Evaluation Pattern:-

Std I to VIII
The system of evaluation for students from the Academic Year 2010-11 onwards has been changed by the Maharashtra Government.
Students are no longer be evaluated only on the basis of written and oral examination only. It will also include the system of evaluation that will be carried out throughout the year. The new evaluation system consists of two essential parts.

  • Formative Evaluation
  • Summative Evaluation.

Formative Evaluation –   Tools and Techniques for Formative Evaluation:-

  • Daily Observation
  • Oral Work
  • Practical/Experiment
  • Activity(Individual /Group)
  • Project
  • Written Test
  • Classwork/homework
  • Other tools

Summetive Evaluation
At the end term, a written examination and an oral examination will also be conducted.

For Std IX ,X :-

  • To evaluate the progress of the students of Std IX & X regular Tests and Examinations are conducted.
  • The decision of the Principal in regard to promotion in the annual examination will be final.
  • Any student cheating in the paper, by any unfair means is liable to be expelled from the school.
  • Application for verification of marks in special case will be considered at the discretion of the Principal.
  • In order to pass Std IX & X student must secure at least 35% of the marks in each subject.