Library – An overview of the mirror of the School.

It is said that if you want brief information of school, first see the library of that school. Library has a collection of books, maps, cds and periodicals. Every school has maintained library as per their school limit.

About the Library:
The library has started with the school in June 2004.As time goes school developed the library as per requirements.

It has been considered as an integral part in the academic activities of the school. The library has a collection of more than 4,000 books in subjects including English, Marathi,Hindi,Maths ,Science,Social Studies,Music,drawing,Craft,general Knowledge,Value Education & Computer

It also has a rich collection of English grammar. It subscribes to over 20 periodicals. The library has equipped with all types of mathematical teaching aids like Balance,Abacus,Number Line & Geometry Box as well as Geographical aids Maps, Globe & Science Charts also.

Library Layout: 
Library is located at the second floor of the school building.

Working Hours:
The library is open on every working day from 9am to 5pm.

The library provides the following services—

    • Circulation :-

For issuing books library has maintain 3 different Registers.

      1. Student’s books issue register
      2. Staff book issue register
      3. Parent book issue register
    • Display of new arrivals-

The new arrivals are displayed on the table in the reading room.

    • Lending facilities-

Membership is provided to the students, staff members & parents of the student of the school.